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Fresh on Tap

Firestone Parabola

Firestone's Parabola is a real treat ... goes great with dessert thanks to its bold bourbon and tobacco aromas, and dark chocolate, charred oak flavor. And at 13% alcohol, it's a definite nightcapper.

Big Sky Heavy Horse Scotch Ale

Big Sky Heavy Horse Scotch Ale is a dark ale with bite that'll buck you up like a Pryor Mountain herd.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

It's red. It's dead. It's Rogue's Dead Guy Ale. Dead ale is an Oregon brewed ale with spice, honey and an aroma of malts before that smooth clean finish. To die for.

Stone Old Guardian

Stone Old Guardian is a barley wine style ale from one of the baddest breweries out west. Five stars. And this I a 2012 release. Imagine what it would taste like if we had the ...

Vicaris Generaal Belgian Ale

Vicaris Generaal Belgian Ale is so rare we don't have much to go on in terms of background about the beer. But this true Belgian is one of the best we've had, which impressive ...

Dogfish Head Midas Touch

Dogfish Head Brewing Company's Midas Touch is a barley wine style ale that tastes like, get this, wine.

Vielle Provision Saison Dupont Belgian Farmhouse Ale

Vielle Provision Saison Dupont Belgian Farmhouse Ale is a rare beer brewed by Brasserie Dupont, Tourpes. This summer style ale is brewed in one of Europe's last remaining farmhouse breweries and is tough to come ...

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

I first tasted Bear Republic's Hop Rod Rye Specialty Ale on the heels of a couple newer rye IPAs by Firestone and Sierra Nevada, and my first thought was: "I hope this classic hot rod ...

Ballast Point Pale Ale

Ballast Point Brewing Company's Pale Ale is another classic from one of our favorite craft beer cities, San Diego.

Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA

Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA is a gimmicky Bay Area beer that honors San Francisco's Prohibition Era speakeasys.

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