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Ale Smith Brewing Speedway Stout

Unbelievable imperial stout by @AleSmithBrewing at @YardHouse Costa Mesa

Bombay Bomber IPA

Bombay Bomber IPA on tap at Steelhead Brewing Company in Irvine, Calif.

Ragin Rhino Red Ale

Ragin Rhino Red Ale on tap at Steelhead Brewing Company in Irvine, Calif.

Steelhead South Coast Stout

When it's tough to find a stout in the summer, luckily there's Steelhead South Coast Stout on tap at Steelhead Brewing Company in Irvine, Calif.

Figueroa Stagecoach Stout

We fell in love with Figueroa Mountain Brew at a couple local beer festivals, so whenever we can find it in a bottle we're pretty stoked. And when we come across a 22 of their Stagecoach Stout in the summer, it's ...

Ryed Piper

Ryed Piper by Ale Industries is a gritty, hoppy red ale that's brewed with rye malt. I really enjoyed this rare red from Concord, Cali., because it tasted like a solid home brew. 5.8% ABV

Barrelhouse IPA

Toasting a Barrelhouse IPA at the California Festival of Beers, this was one of our last beers of the day and possibly the last two beers poured by the gang ...

Goose Island Double Red

We had never tried Goose Island before, so we gave the Goose a go at the beginning of the California Festival of Beers in San Luis Obispo, Calif., on Saturday. This ...

Goose Island Wheat Ale

One of our first beers of the day came from Goose Island, which was pouring its Wheat Ale at the California Festival of Beers on Saturday. It was a nice, light, spicy beer that kicked off the day right. I could ...

Karl Strauss Imperial Stout

I'm not typically a big fan of Karl Strauss beers, but I had a KS beer I'd never tried at the California Festival of Beers in San Luis Obispo on Saturday. The Strauss crew was pouring bottles of its imperial stout ...

Coopers Brewery Taps Mr. Beer, Continues to Grow in 150th Year

Coopers Brewery of Australia announced today it’s moving into the U.S. home-brew market. The Australian brewer has purchased Mr. Beer – the United State’s largest-selling home-brew kit makers. The financial numbers for the sale have not been announced, although the deals is said to be a “multimillion dollar” deal, according to the Wall Street Journal. […]

People Who Drink Beer: Hillary Clinton

Apparently former President Bill Clinton isn’t the only one in the family who enjoys a cold one. According to numerous reports this weekend, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was snapped drinking a beer after the Summit of the Americas in Colombia. Of course, the mainstream media had a field day with this. The New York […]

Bay Area Craft Beer Festival on Tap

The fourth annual Bay Area Craft Beer Festival is scheduled for this weekend, highlighting some of the best breweries on the West Coast. At least 30 craft breweries are expected to be pouring at the event, scheduled for April 21 from noon-4 p.m. The event is scheduled to be hosted on the Martinez Waterfront Park […]

80 Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer: Boulevard Brewing Company to Launch Wheat Beer this Summer

One of the biggest craft brewers in the country is poised to launch a new year-round beer this summer. Boulevard Brewing Company, in Kansas City, has announced it’s currently brewing a new wheat beer called “80 Acre Hoppy Wheat.” Chief Marketing Officer Bob Sullivan told he expects a late summer release for the new […]

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week on Tap

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is kicks off this weekend with events in the Pittsburgh area running Friday, April 20, through Saturday, April 28. Over 360 events are scheduled over the nine-day craft beer week, which is expected to generate $2 million into the region’s economy. There will be at least three special event beers on […]

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