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Best ‘Pale Ale’ Blogs

Barrelhouse Brewing Rye Style Pale Ale

Barrelhouse Brewing Rye Style Pale Ale wasn't quite what I expected. Unlike other ryes on the shelf, this Paso Robles pale was a bit light and fruity. The citrus, apricot, mango, ginger and lemongrass lightened the mood, making this the most ...

Mikkeller Pale Ale

As noted in a previous post, Mikkeller's Pale Ale was my choice as the heat wore on at the Firestone Walker International Beer Fest. But their barley wine was pretty darn good too.

Pintail Pale Ale

The first time I tried Pintail Pale Ale by Karl Strauss, it wasn't at a brewery, or even a bar or craft beer dive. It was at, get this, Disneyland. Truly the Happiest Place ...

Pond Hopper Double Pale Ale

Anyone who knows me knows I love rare beers. And when it comes to rare Belgians and pale ales, there's nothing better. That's why Pond Hopper Double Pale Ale is a dream come true for ...

Deschuttes Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale

Deschuttes Brewing Company's Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale is a new edition to the lineup in Bend, Ore., but it's a good one. This red-colored pale is aptly named. Fruity, almost a strawberry feel, on the ...

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

It's red. It's dead. It's Rogue's Dead Guy Ale. Dead ale is an Oregon brewed ale with spice, honey and an aroma of malts before that smooth clean finish. To die for.

Ballast Point Pale Ale

Ballast Point Brewing Company's Pale Ale is another classic from one of our favorite craft beer cities, San Diego.

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