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Port Brewing Board Meeting Brown Ale

Port Brewing Board Meeting Brown Ale, a photo by ...

Morimoto Soba Ale

Rogue's Morimoto Soba Ale is brewed with roasted Soba, which makes it a unique brew that goes well with lighter Japanese dishes. This would be a perfect brew to pair with fresh caught fish or homemade sushi. Or, better yet, a ...

Steigl Radler Grapefruit

Steigl Radler Grapefruit tastes more like a wine cooler than a beer, but it's good.

Ragin Rhino Red Ale

Ragin Rhino Red Ale on tap at Steelhead Brewing Company in Irvine, Calif.

Ryed Piper

Ryed Piper by Ale Industries is a gritty, hoppy red ale that's brewed with rye malt. I really enjoyed this rare red from Concord, Cali., because it tasted like a solid home brew. 5.8% ABV

Goose Island Double Red

We had never tried Goose Island before, so we gave the Goose a go at the beginning of the California Festival of Beers in San Luis Obispo, Calif., on Saturday. This ...

Goose Island Wheat Ale

One of our first beers of the day came from Goose Island, which was pouring its Wheat Ale at the California Festival of Beers on Saturday. It was a nice, light, spicy beer that kicked off the day right. I could ...

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