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Fullsteam Tree-to-Sea Gose

Fullsteam Tree-to-Sea Gose

Submitted by on September 30, 2014

It's fall, and we just got back from a trip to the East Coast, where we were able to taste fresh, tart cranberries during harvest.

So I was in the mood for tartness when Fullsteam Brewery's Tree-to-Sea Gose hit our doorstep courtesy the Rare Beer Club.

I'm also a tree-hugging surfer here on the West Coast, so I appreciated this Gose more than most.

Gose brews are typically known for their tartness, made with wheat and coriander making for a nice light, almost sour concoction.

Tree-to-Sea, however, takes its Gose to the next level. Fullsteam, always adamant about brewing with local ingredients from North Carolina growers, brews this sour/Gose mash with coriander, sea salt and spruce tips from the Carolina mountains.

You can taste the half dozen or so local ingredients in this one, so even if you've never been to the Carolinas, Tree-to-Sea will give you a nice taste of the region.

Add tons of carbonation, pine and a citrus dryness, and this Gose is unlike any other you'll pop.

Here's to the trees and seas!

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