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REVIEW: Buffalo BottleCraft Hockey Puck Beer Openers

REVIEW: Buffalo BottleCraft Hockey Puck Beer Openers

Little known fact about BeerHyped … we’re big Los Angeles Kings fans.20140523-164404.jpg

Our founder grew up with season tickets to the Kings, well before Wayne Gretzky came to town, in the purple and gold days.

And with the Kings in the conference finals, we’re all a bunch of puck heads right now.

So when Dave Sheffield of reached out about their puck bottle openers, we had to get us one.

Sheffield, a mechanical engineer by trade, started Buffalo BottleCraft in June 2012, combining two of North America’s favorite things: beer and hockey.

Well, not exactly hockey and beer, but he created one of the coolest bottle openers we’ve ever seen … an actual hockey puck with a quality bottle opener embedded in its underbelly.

We also used the BottleCraft opener as a coaster, which we’ve done with other, official NHL pucks we caught in the crowd at Kings games in the past.

But there’s just something about this particular puck. Everyone who opens a beer with it loves it. Smells like hockey. It opens beers in one swipe. And the magnet inside helps keep the bottle cap from flying across the room, or ice, depending on where you’re drinking.

The BBC line of puck openers also has some classic images on them, including everything from a fighting hockey players to the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Flag and, of course, a Buffalo Nickel.

The openers retail for $12, and would make a great gift for any beer-drinking sports fan.

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