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Ultimate Super Bowl Food & Beer Pairing

Ultimate Super Bowl Food & Beer Pairing

The Ultimate Super Bowl Food & Beer Pairing

Add some spice to your Super Bowl party with a game-inspired pairing.

If you’re familiar with the Hyped Network, you know we’re hyped on two things: beer and sports.

So hyped, we created a spinoff to BallHyped called, where instead of voting up our favorite sports blogs we hype our favorite craft beers.

No Bud Light or Coors Light here, just the best of the best craft beers from the U.S. to Belgium.

So for the big game Sunday, which combines both our favorite pastimes – beer and football – we’ve drafted a blueprint for the Ultimate Super Bowl Food and Beer Pairing, with an emphasis on all parties involved in Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans.

For the 49ers fans, we have California classics such as Sierra Nevada and San Francisco’s own Anchor Steam, not to mention a rare stout collaboration between two of the founding founders of the Cali. craft beer movement.

For our homies in Baltimore, we have Flying Dog, brewed in Maryland. (Flying Dog and Anchor Steam actually have a Super Bowl bet going, and the loser of the Super Bowl will “pour the winning brewery’s beer in their taproom for a week by staff clad in the champion team’s gear.”)

And for all the party goers in New Orleans, we have three of Louisiana’s finest beers along with plenty of beads, so get Hyped:

First Course

Grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus; Various Cajun-cooked vegetables; Attendee appetizers.

Notes: You can’t have a Super Bowl party and lead off with vegetables unless they’re grilled, wrapped in bacon, and have plenty of spice. And to keep both sides of the room happy, we bring in beers from San Francisco and Maryland. Two of the best from coast to coast. Let the best brewery win, and avoid wearing the other sides' colors and having to pour their beer for a week!

Second Course

BBQ bratwurst sandwich, with mango chutney sauce; BBQ sausages.

  • Lost Coast Brewery Downtown Brown
  • Abita Amber Ale

Notes: When I think Cajun, I think BBQ, and when I think football,  I think sausage and brats. Add some mango, to give it that West Coast feel, and you’ve got a hit. A sweet and spicy kick calls for a sugary brown or amber ale, so we pulled a brown from the North Coast and an amber from NOLA. Might be our best combination of the night.


Third Course

Blackened Cajun chicken; Jumbalaya rice; Sides courtesy the attendees.

Notes: While I love BBQ brats and sausage, nothing quite beats blackened chicken, which really sets the tone for the main entrée. For this hotness, we went West Coast with a rare Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Quad with Plums, but chased it with a cool Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager. We don’t usually do lagers late, but being this is the Super Bowl, and the TV timeouts are forever long, you’ll not only have to cool off at this point, you’ll have to pace yourself for the fourth quarter. Remember, it’s Sunday, so you still have to work in the morning.

Fourth Course

Central Coast California Tri-Tip; Creole red beans and rice; Sides courtesy the attendees.

  • Abita Turbodog
  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Stout, a 2010 collaboration with Anchor Steam.

Notes: Now this is it. West Coast to the fullest. The Tri-Tip cut of steak is only found on the West the Coast, specifically on the Central Coast of California. And it makes THE best sandwiches if you’ve never had a chance to visit a San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market. Trace that Tri-Tip with an Abita Turbodog, and a Sierra Nevada's30th Anniversary Stout, an aged collaboration with San Francisco’s own Anchor Steam, and it’s a match made in heaven.

Fifth Course

Secret, Super Bowl -Style Chocolate Cake

  • Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ales Black Barley Wine Ale
  • Deschutes Brewing Mirror Mirror Barley Wine (2009)

Notes: Now, by this point, there’s a million different ways you can go with dessert. But don’t blow it. Bring in the best chocolate cake you can get your hands on, and pair it with the finest barley wine you can get this weekend. Serve in small portions, but make sure you serve it and don’t let the fourth-quarter fireworks sideline your nightcap.

Sierra Nevada Anchor Steam Stout Collaboration 30th Anniversary

Enjoy the game!

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  • Looks delicious! We are lucky to be attendees to the event. 1 appetizer for first course will be a buffalo chicken dip. Hope it pairs well with liberty ale!

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