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Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye

Submitted by on May 20, 2012

20120520-163029.jpgI first tasted Bear Republic's Hop Rod Rye Specialty Ale on the heels of a couple newer rye IPAs by Firestone and Sierra Nevada, and my first thought was:

"I hope this classic hot rod is on display for awhile and doesn't ride off into the sunset."

Little did I know Bear Republic's rye has been around for years and is far from a passing fad.

My fellow readers let me know that much, so I've updated my quick initial post with a more in-depth breakdown of what is certainly another classic by Bear Republic.

The Hop Rod Rye is a strong, dark, high-gravity American IPA. Only this IPA is made with 18% rye malt, to give it a little kick and the dark color of a porter.

But unlike chocolatey porters, the Hop Rod is just that, hoppy. When poured and allowed to breathe, this rustic ale has a huge hop aroma with bits of floral and subtle caramel notes. In terms of taste, it's slightly earthy with a little spicy rye character to go along with that malty finish and bite of a 7.5% AVB.

It's a championship-caliber beer for sure, boasting gold medal wins at the 2003 and 2009 California State Fairs, and 2002 National Real Ale Festival, in Chicago, not to mention a runner-up finish at the 2001 San Diego Real Ale Festival (Silver Medal and Best of Show - Runner Up).

Yeah, this fine Hop Rod has been around for awhile, and we should have known this was a classic ride from its name. Hyped on the Hop Rod!

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  • Bear Republic has been brewing Hop Rod Rye since the early 2000' is a staple in their lineup, and not an attempt to "cash in" on the rye craze. You have it wrong, Sierra and Firestone should be compared to Hop Rod, not the other way around...

    • Have to apologize for the snap judgement on this one, not being familiar with the Hop Rod. But after giving it a test drive, we have to agree, this is a classic. And yes, it's been around much longer than we knew, so we've revised the above post with a more in-depth review. Thanks for giving us a heads up Dan! This Bear's for you!

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