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Moosbacher Wheat Beer

Moosbacher Wheat Beer

Submitted by on April 22, 2012

A German wheat beer that's like butter, Moosbacher Weissbier is a smooth drink from the opening pop.

Just watch your eyes when you flip the pop top off this international beer. It's done some traveling, so there's plenty of carbonation and pop.

That travel, along with the age of the beer, could give off an 10 inch head on the first pour if you're not careful. So make sure the beer is cold and has breathed a bit before you carefully fill your glass. And you'll definitely want a wheat beer glass for this one, with a bulbous top to allow for that giant head.

Once things settle you'll see this 5% wheat beer from Bavaria, Germany, is a bit cloudier than your typical wheat brew, showcasing a buttery gold body.

The taste is also buttery with a hint of citrus as you take your first swig.

But as you continue drinking and the beer warms, it smoothes out with a fruity hint of spice that'll remind you of a fresh glass of apple juice.

And it's equally refreshing.


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