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Masia Agullons Runa Brown Ale

Masia Agullons Runa Brown Ale

Submitted by on April 28, 2012

When I think of Spain, I picture bold wines, spicy food, and Flamenco dancers tearing up the floor with their energetic, staccato style.

But after trying Masia Agullons Runa Brown Ale, brewed in Catalonia, Spain, I now know a different side of the Spanish culture.

A velvety smooth and elegant side from Northeastern Spain, where Carles Rodriguez makes one of the finest European brown ales you'll find. (That's if you can even find it in the U.S.)

Masia Agullons brews small batches, we're talking 132-gallon batches (about 8 kegs), so unless you're in a rare beer club you're probably not going to find this beer at your local Bevmo.

Like your favorite American browns, Runa Brown pours a thick, coffee-colored head - despite the fact it appears a little flat when first poured cold.

But that's what makes this beer great. It continues to surprise and only improves the longer its champagne bottle is open.

From the opening poor, it's as fresh and clean as you'd expect (this unfiltered, unpasteurized brown is made with only water, malt, hops and yeast).

And what begins as a nutty, nougaty brown that goes great with dinner, gives way to a coffee-flavored beer that's ideal for a nightcap.

Not to shabby for a brewery that started in 2008.

Can't wait to see what smooth brew they come up with next.


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