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Karl Strauss Full Suit Belgian Brown Ale

Karl Strauss Full Suit Belgian Brown Ale

Submitted by on April 19, 2012

We've been on a Belgian-style Brown Ale kick for the past week and figured why not try a Belgian brown from our own backyard.

Enter: Karl Strauss' Full Suit, a Belgian Brown Ale brewed in San Diego.

This winter seasonal delivers, despite the fact San Diego knows little about winters.

The good news? They know their craft beers.

A chocolatey taste right off the bat, this medium-bodied brownie smooths out with oak undertones and a dry finish. And at 6.3%, it's definitely a winter warmer.

This surf-inspired winter warmer is for us beach bums who brave the winter's "first-class swells and mild hypothermia."

So I guess for those of us who pursue a holiday swell, there is a winter season in San Diego after all.

For the rest of you land lovers, there's Karl Strauss' Full Suit Belgian Brown Ale. A stoke either way if you ask me.


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