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Sly Fox Ichor

Sly Fox Ichor

Submitted by on March 7, 2012

Sly Fox Ichor by BeerHyped.comSly Fox Ichor is a Belgian Abbot Quadruple that's fittingly named being the taste of this burgundy brown can change on you four times in one sitting.

Oh yeah, and it also consists of 10% alcohol by volume, so that's another reason it's called a Quad, I guess.

The Ichor was a pleasant surprise in that it has an Old World feel, with the frothy, thick, off-white head when you first pour it.

But in the New World, this cold Quad flips the tables and tempts the taste buds with a hint of Irish cream, chocolate and coffee right off the bat.

Then as it breathes, and warms, it tastes like a dark rum, with aging flavors of vanilla and even oak (despite the fact it's not brewed in wood barrels).

Long story short, this fine beer gets better with age. Now the only question that remains, is can you hold on to this beer for a year or two to really get the most of it?

My guess is no.

Sly Fox Ichor, a photo by on Flickr.


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