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Triple A: A.Lambo’s Amber Ale

Triple A: A.Lambo’s Amber Ale

Submitted by on January 15, 2012

Who's beer: A.Lambo's Triple-A Amber Ale

What it tastes like: This ale is similar to the Docs Cellar batch RK and I brewed up awhile back when we concocted the infamous jalapeno pale ale. This particular batch is a straight amber ale recipe from the now defunct Central Coast Brewery. It has a blend of spicy and floral hop character with a clean finish. Original Gravity: 1.054. IBUs 23.

Where it's available: Home brewed, Lambo's kitchen in SLO, Calif.

When to drink it: Anytime. But it's best in the fall and winter. A great Thanksgiving or Christmas treat because of the spices.

How to get it: Ingredients available at Docs Cellar. But you've got to visit the store in person to get your hands on these ingredients. Not available online. Long live print media! And in-store pickup! And Beer! And The Bias!

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